Control Center DT

The DT Control Center allows you to easily configure the DroneTracker system or retrieve data such as videos or drones alerts history.

Controlled airspace can be viewed in real time.

When a dron is detected, you will be notified immediately via SMS, email or via different network message media.

Browser-based web interface, easy to use.



  • Centralized software architecture for complete and complex installations with almost unlimited number of sensors.
  • Generation of reports and statistical data
  • Multiple live views on one screen.
  • In case of an alert, the dron position is displayed live.
  • Accurate sensor configuration and alert management.
  • Smart pattern recognition, based on DroneDNA.
  • Integration of counter measures of third parties.
  • Dedrone Cloud Services Integration: The system learns faster, with continuous improvements.
  • Record of UAV intrusions for video tests, download option for later use.
  • Integrated online help system and user manuals.


A DroneTracker system always needs a DroneTracker server as a physical or virtual machine. Depending on the type of system, several server components are required.

A system without external IP cameras requires a DroneTracker server as a physical or virtual machine. For a system with external IP cameras, one more DroneTracker analytics server is required. The number of analytics servers will depend on the number and type of cameras. DroneTracker analytics servers have to be physical machines.
The DroneTracker server can also run on the same machine as DroneTracker analytics servers.


Manufacturer DeDrone
Device type
Browser-based web interface
Server Physical or Virtual Machine
Multisensors Connectivity
Red IP L3 and DHCP
Sensor RF Connectivity
Ethernet connection with IEEE802.3at power
Connectivity via LAN with IT infrastructure
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