MultiSensor DT

MultiSensor DroneTracker

The MultiSensor DT is composed of several sensors and early detection elements:

  • Visual: industrial HD camera, infrared with fast processing.
  • Audio: ultrasonic sensor, dual sonic sensors with background filtering for precise acoustic detection.
  • Wi-Fi: detection of Wi-Fi frequencies and identification of drones and individual devices.

It has SNMP connectivity for the integration of third party alarm systems.
Its construction is stable, with housing classified IP54 made of plastic resistant to the UV rays and to the intemperie.

MultiSensor DT Sensors:
(see diagram >)

  1. Acoustic sensors (ultrasonic)
  2. WLAN Sensors (WI-FI)
  3. Optical sensor (night vision)
  4. Video capture (11º-85º)

Multisensor DT can be mounted permanently on facades or posts in order to study a defined section of the sky.
Multiple MultiSensors can be integrated in the same system through a server.


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