SkyFence™ is an electronic fence to stop drones.

  • No impact on other devices
  • Up to 500m in height
  • Creates a “roof” over the defined area
  • Interrupts command and navigation frequencies
  • It is scalable, can cover any area
  • Does not cause damage
  • Defeat swarms of drones

SkyFence™ is a electronic countermeasures system that prevents drones from flying over an installation, disrupting their navigation transmissions.

The system uses multiple low power radio transmitters that are strategically located around the protected site. When activated they transmit a signal that interferes with the radio transmissions of the dron, which prevents their control, their video signal between the dron and the operator.

It is fully programmable and is activated automatically through a series of sensors or by manual action. You can join with DroneTracker System.


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