EVO II Enterprise

EVO II Enterprise is a professional UAV system from Autel Robotics, featuring a foldable design and superior performance, featuring a variety of included modules to suit each mission .

Operating in the fields of public safety, fire prevention and monitoring, search and rescue, traffic management, mapping, inspection, etc.


Feature highlights

  • Autonomy
    In flight up to 42 min. stable and long-lasting power.
  • Safe
    AES 256bit encryption.
  • Integrated camera in the three models:
    PRO version (20Mp Sensor), DUAL R and 640 (with Radiometric and Thermal Dual Sensor).
  • Smart Controller
    With 8 core processor and super bright screen.
  • Modularity
    Multiple items available to suit each mission.
  • 16x zoom
    Up to 16x digital zoom.
  • Transmission 12 km.
    HD video transmission, up to 12 km.
  • Thermal
    The Dual and 640T version includes thermal integration and multiple display modes.
  • Planter
    Robust mission planner, autonomous flights and missions.
  • Pre-recorded 30s.
    Automatically record 30 sec. before activating the recording.
Manufacturer AUTEL Robotics
EVO II Enterprise
Versions PRO / Dual R / 640 T
Device type High performance modular drone (UAV)
427 mm Diagonal length
Pro: 1,110 Kg. / Dual R: 1,136 Kg. / 640T: 1,136 Kg.
12 km.
Maximum flight time 42 min. (without accesories); 38 min (with strobe light); 29 min (with focus); 34 min (with speaker); 36 min (with RTK module)
Flight Endurance
17 m/s.
Gimbal camera Pitch: -135° to +45°; Yaw: -100° to +100°
Acc. Speaker Power: Max. 18W; Decibels: 120dB @ 1m; 88dB@60m; 70dB@110m; Maximum bit rate: 36 kbps; adjustable angle range: 0° ~ 45°
Acc. Strobe Power: average. 1.6W; controllable range: 5000m; Light intensity: Min. 50cd; max. 486cd; Average. 290cd
Acc. Focus Power: Max. 35W; Controllable range: 30m; Adjustable angle range: 0° ~ 90°; Illuminance: FOV 17°, Max: 11 lux @ 30 m straight
Acc. RTK Power: ~3W; RTK Positioning Accuracy: 1.5cm + 1ppm (Vertical); 1 cm + 1 ppm (Horizontal)


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