At DRONELESS we have the best technology on the market to meet the security needs of your airspace.

Our systems keep your airspace safe

And it can be integrated into any security system already installed.

Secure your airspace now

DRONELESS offers an automatic, integrated, autonomous and uninterrupted (24/7) platform that provides detection, classification and countermeasures to protect against threats from drones and their operators.

It is the only modular system on the market that can be customized to address specific threats, tailored for easy integration into an existing security program, and supports unique building structures, landscapes, and other custom conditions.

Our systems are divided into three stages:


Dedrone’s DroneTracker® system reliably detects and identifies unauthorized drones by combining multiple sensors, correlative data and analytical analysis.

DroneTracker reliably detects and identifies unmanned aircraft (UAVs) operating within a defined exclusion zone. The system notifies the alert in real time via SMS, email or other methods. Completely manages airspace surveillance. It can be integrated into your security systems with ease.

With an easy-to-use interface, the software allows the configuration of multiple sensors, active, passive countermeasures and alerts against hostile drones, which can be activated automatically and notified to the security services.

We also have mobile units for temporary uses (events, protocol acts, etc.)

Advanced, Automated, Scalable

DroneTracker is a sophisticated software platform based on drone classification and detection.
These are their unique capabilities and functionalities:

Detailed reports

The DroneTracker system makes it easy to create detailed reports, intrusion statistics and drone identification in the secured space.

Elements of the Detection and Identification System


Neutralization systems are classified into two types passives and actives.

  • Passive neutralization elements do not require specific action, are automated and activated 24h/7d.
  • The assets require the action of a person, taking action against the ship, being able to: capture it, land it or force it back to its origin.

Many of the neutralization systems function as inhibitors (jammers) at different frequencies, which make communication between the pilot and the ship impossible or even take control of the drone.

Various Neutralization Systems


Portable solutions are designed for the temporary uses.

The DroneTracker Event Kit consists of MultiSensor and RF Sensor that can be configured anywhere independently. It detects and identifies drones reliably by combining multiple sensors, correlative data and analytical analysis.

The DT Event Kit can also be combined with different neutralization solutions:
Net Gun, Dynopis and / or DroneDefender.

Specially designed for:

  • State Visits,
  • Protocol acts,
  • Conventions,
  • Concerts,
  • Public events, etc.

Portable Elements


Quick installation in 3 easy steps

Do not worry, we will take care of the entire installation process.

1. Site Map

Simply send us the coordinates of the area you want to protect
– or a Google Eath map, for example -.

We will determine how many sensors are needed for optimal surveillance and where they should be installed.

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